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Who are we?

Welcome to Niche

We are trusted independent advisors and we have been supporting health and social care sectors for over 25 years with:

  • governance support;
  • independent investigations & reviews;
  • modelling & analytics; and
  • evaluation.

We provide consultancy services to all healthcare providers (including mental health, acute, specialist, ambulance, primary and community), social care partners, commissioners, local authorities and regulatory organisations.

Our team are amongst the best subject matter expert (SME) specialists in the country and at Niche we work hard to ensure that our clients have the best advice and support available. By becoming a Niche client, you are joining one of the key healthcare quality insight networks in the UK. We keep our clients up to date with regular briefings, thought leadership and knowledge gained from our primary research bank.

We have worked in most parts of the UK, as well as engagements in other countries and we can regularly draw upon this huge base of benchmark data, knowledge and experience to support our clients with their daily challenges. We have also developed unique models to ensure that governance, patient safety and quality improvement are central to the productivity and efficiency agenda in support of the notion that ‘good care costs less’.

At Niche we also pride ourselves on our strategic drive for corporate and social responsibility, ensuring we’re consistently using our knowledge to contribute to the quality agenda and promote sustainable change throughout the health sector. We are a strongly values driven organisation and exercise our continuous commitment to improving health and social care services in everything we do.

We would love to hear from you and find out more about your challenges. Please feel free to contact any of our practitioners to see how we can support you in achieving your goals.

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