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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Niche, we are always aware of the impact our business activities could have on the wider community, so we pride ourselves on our strategic drive for corporate and social responsibility.

We want whatever we are doing to have only positive effects for our people, our clients and suppliers, our environment and our community.

We not only contribute income, time and expertise to the charitable sector and local community (especially youth and schools), we also sponsor external research and share findings from our own primary research bank to our clients. We ensure that we are consistently using our knowledge to contribute to the quality agenda and to promote sustainable change throughout the health sector.


To us, people are our biggest asset. Keeping that in mind, we are committed to making Niche a great place to be. Achieving this relies on us always adopting best practice in everything we do for our employees. We actively promote true fairness and equality of opportunity, from career development to investing in our staff’s expertise and helping them to fulfil their ambitions.

We encourage everyone to take part in our training and development programmes through the Niche Academy to realise their ambitions within our business. All of our employees are given access to a Niche ‘career coach’; a person who is distinct from their line manager and who just focuses on challenging the employee to get the best from their career.

Our Niche community enjoys regular corporate events and social activities and we encourage everyone to participate. We enjoy fundraising activities and like to encourage our staff and associates to focus on their health and wellbeing at work. We listen to the views of our staff and make regular changes; it is vitally important to us that communication is always two-way.

Clients & Suppliers

Our reputation is built on quality, integrity and trust, and the relationships we have with our clients, intermediaries and suppliers are what define it. This is why we ensure that our people know their role in delivering exceptional client service. We also aim to make sure that all our suppliers demonstrate good environmental, social and ethical management practices.


We are always looking at ways to make contributions to our local community, whether through using our individual and collective time, skills or expertise to make a difference to a variety of charitable and community organisations. For example, we regularly donate food parcels to the local food bank, we also have regular bake sales etc. We encourage staff to join charitable trustee Boards.


The environment and climate change are major issues which we give high priority to. We promote environmental awareness throughout the firm and train our people accordingly. Everyone is encouraged to respect the environment as they go about their work by considering efficiency and our carbon footprint, making financial savings and, in doing so, meeting our corporate goals. We believe that every little helps, whether that is reducing the number of journeys we make, printing less or recycling more paper.

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