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Covid recovery plan for mental health and learning disabilities

We were commissioned to develop a recovery plan to be adopted by the ICS as the Covid-19 pandemic ebbs; and as both services and communities look to establish or re-establish sustainable approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

What We Did

  • Analysed and modelled patterns of local activity, to estimate the shortfall in mental health and learning disability care and treatment during the pandemic period, as well as the long-term trend in service referrals
  • Undertook a focussed literature search, to identify a range of projections and scenarios as to future demand for services
  • Facilitated a substantial series of engagement meetings with a wide range of local stakeholders, across health, social care and the voluntary sector – to gather a range of perspectives, aspirations and concerns
  • Prepared a series of draft recovery plans as a focus for discussion, gradually concentrating on those elements with the best evidence and strongest support

Key Project Outcomes

  • A detailed Covid recovery plan, containing 19 recommendations for action, across four areas: promoting wellbeing and earlier intervention in mental illness; building resilience in disadvantaged communities; developing and focussing specialist services; enabling recovery, and communications
  • A strong sense of ownership of this as a plan, shared across local agencies, and adopted up to and including the ICS Partnership Board

What our clients say

James and team were very flexible and responsive, and worked well on our brief, including running workshops , using the available research and evidence base to inform the work, and listening to the approach we wanted to take…


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