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Hitting the target but missing the point?

Useful, reliable and accurate data and information is crucial to ensure that boards are able to steward their organisation and, ultimately, to make good decisions. All too often, Boards are ‘surprised’ by underperformance, particularly in relation to core compliance (such as adverse CQC inspection results). Boards and senior leaders are faced with a potential vast array of indicators above and beyond those which are mandated, and it often seems, the most fitting answer is to try and measure everything. Indeed, some organisations are regularly trying to measure over 500 indicators at any one time. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for this; boards are unable to rely on a single dimension or calculation to give them the assurance they require. Instead, they need to be able to look at performance (and risk) in the round, with sight from ‘ward to Board’ coming from a range of measures. So, what are the good housekeeping factors when it comes to choosing your KPIs?


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