Assurance and evaluation

Assurance and evaluation

We bring rigour and independence to all these projects – with a common theme of considering delivery of services and organisational performance at scale and over time. We answer such questions as:
• Are services being delivered as intended? If not, why not?
• Have agreed service changes been implemented, and have they had the intended impact?
• How can we organise our governance and assurance frameworks to ensure we understand our performance – and deliver continual improvement?
• How does the local context affect all this – and how can sustainable improvement be delivered in that context?

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What We Do

Operational and board governance

Clinical governance support

Large scale evaluations, both service and system wide

Strategic project and partnership governance support services

Assurance reviews

Executive team and Board development

Well-led review

Our Expertise

Our team can demonstrate a strong track record in:

  • Method and evaluation design, across a wide variety of approaches
  • Stakeholder engagement, building effective relationships with project leads, staff and service user groups
  • Board governance, operational governance, and financial governance
  • Risk management and controls, strategy and structures
  • Both qualitative and quantitative methods, including thematic and financial analysis
  • The particular issues which arise in considering services for vulnerable groups

We have successfully delivered not only many focused local projects, but also numerous national multi-site projects.


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Assurance and evaluation expertise

Case Study:

Evaluating a vanguard new care model

Wakefield Council, Wakefield CCG, and a range of local provider organisations are working together.

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