Large Scale Enquiries

Large Scale Enquiries

A large scale investigation, enquiry or multi-population serious incident (MPSI) needs a special approach which is distinct from other investigations and reviews.

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Niche have developed methods of undertaking Large Scale Enquiries which means that we can extract conclusions, judgements and recommendations in a much more agile way than in, for example, a public inquiry.

Taking less time does not mean that our findings are any less robust; it simply means that we are able to mobilise our method, team and stakeholder relationships sooner, with less public resource requirement and significantly less cost to the public purse.

We use tested analytical techniques around big data, and have specific quantitative and qualitative methods to establish indicators and evidence around harms, consultant and service level quality data, financial impacts and experience impacts. Our large scale reviews have repeatedly been shown to stand up to legal and public scrutiny, whilst surfacing the facts surrounding events where there may be several victims. We work on the basis of acknowledging ‘concentric’ harms, focusing not only on those immediately affected by the events but those surrounding the event too.

Our Expertise

We recognise that large scale reviews and enquiries undertaken by Niche can take longer than a ‘normal’ investigation (between one and two years to report) to report as opposed to up to five to ten year timescales for public inquiries. Our unique method almost always starts with a thorough scoping exercise and an assessment of the current safety of services before a retrospective structured investigation process can begin.

We are experienced at working with families and can arrange specific investigation resource to enable families to contact us and engage with the process. We also offer confidential ‘speak up’ access routes for staff and other stakeholders during these reviews.


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