Thematic Review

Thematic Review

Niche have considerable experience in carrying out thematic reviews either as part of evaluations or under the new PSIRF. Our unique approaches, to thematic review includes advanced data driven approaches which are triangulated with qualitative, experiential information. Our thematic reviews allow us to gain significant insights across an entire service or organisation.

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What We Do

Support the development of Patient Safety Plans

Evidence supporting evaluations

Technical assessments of clinical outcome data

Thematic reviews under the PSIRF

Safety themes using SEIPs and human factors approaches

National reviews across pathways

Detailed service-user feedback reports

Our Expertise

Within evaluations and patient safety review work, thematic review is used to draw out the underlying “stories” from the range of qualitative data available to us. For example, when supporting the development of safety improvement plan, we will consider the findings from multiple incident responses to identify related contributory factors; common or linked recommendations and action plans. We will also consider and work to identify how connections should be made along a patient pathway – for example where a safety problem early in treatment is commonly associated with other problems later in the pathway.

Thematic analysis of clinical notes can also enable a detailed understanding of the extent to which practice has adopted agreed changes in policy – and answer questions as to whether current patients risk the same safety problems or are now benefiting from the implementation of new services.

Whenever we carry out thematic review, we:

  • Make sure we have access to as full and balanced a range of data as possible.
  • Apply a balance of deductive and inductive approaches.
  • Triangulate our qualitative and quantitative findings.
  • Make use of a range of supportive tools and techniques.
  • Report our findings with a strong use of direct quotations, anonymised case studies, and tangible examples.

Thematic review works best if we stay both curious and open-minded allowing for a full spectrum of information triangulation.


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