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The types of projects we do:

  • Service-level evaluation (a new service has been implemented)
  • Change evaluation (for example a new pathway or service)
  • System-wide evaluations (large scale)
  • National evaluations (very large scale)

We are experts

We hear much about “innovation”, although this may simply mean something which is “untested” – unless these ideas are fully and carefully evaluated. We are experts at undertaking evaluation projects and we have been commissioned to work on some of the largest evaluations in the country.

We use our own bespoke ‘appreciative evaluation’ method which enables us to:

  • take a pragmatic, real-world approach, with an emphasis on talking to people who use and work within services directly to find out their ideas and experiences;
  • ensure robust methods produce useful and reliable evidence;
  • work with client services to debate the evidence as it emerges – and to shape and improve the process of implementation; and therefore to…
  • improve the quality of health and social care available to patients, their families, and the wider community.

What we offer

We offer comprehensive evaluation packages both during and at the end of programmes (formative and summative), through data analysis and interview, to review independently and improve the implementation of new services. By doing this we identify not only what has happened, but also understand why it has happened – analysing the interaction between the changing services and the local context which has produced the results evident.

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