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Governance & Assurance

The types of projects we do:

  • Well-led reviews (NHSI and CQC)
  • CQC Well-led preparatory support
  • Executive team development and Board development
  • Mortality reviews
  • Quality due diligence for mergers and transactions
  • Operational governance support (structures / form)
  • Board governance support (areas of constitution / investigation work)
  • Clinical governance support (assurance around services)
  • Project based governance support (supporting large scale projects)
  • Partnership governance (across ACS, partnerships and SLA’s)

Healthcare Governance

Healthcare Governance encompasses a broad range of clinical and non-clinical practices which must work interdependently to help an organisation or a care service to achieve its goals. Some of the cornerstones of healthcare governance include; board governance, operational governance, financial governance, culture, risk management and controls, strategy, structures – none of which can exist in isolation.

Our methodology and insights

We use our tested method and unique insights to help an organisation or a care service to achieve its goals. Whether this is through a Well-led Framework assessment (NHSI or CQC oriented), through governance focused investigations, designing assurance frameworks, governance diagnostic support, clinical due-diligence or partnership governance – at STP level we are experts at safely surfacing issues and providing developmental support.

Our experience

Niche has extensive experience of understanding governance in all NHS and private healthcare provider sectors as well as in adult social care. Our practitioners are dedicated governance specialists who have managed hundreds of detailed reviews and investigations as well as complex national service reconfigurations. We train our own practitioners to a high standard through our Niche Academy.

We support our clients to incorporate good practice and our team is focused on delivering an exceptional service. We take the time to understand and properly scope the issues that our clients are trying to address, devising the best solutions to support effective and resilient governance processes and to ensure that governance is fully aligned to the efficiency and productivity agenda.

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